About Yung Sung

Our company was established in 1976 Zirconium Silicate was the main product of us during the initial period. The production capacity of us in the line of Zirconium Silicate is 5000 tons per year, most of which are distributed in the local market of Taiwan.


Ceramic Body Stain was the second main product of us, which was developed in 1988 as well as a newly developed body stain at that period, having been exported to South Eastern Asia.


The totally new red ceramic body stain was developed in 2001 Meanwhile, the new factory of us was built in Torng Lo as the first one professional red ceramic body stain factory in Taiwan, we also buit the second zirconium silicate factory, the production capacity increased to 15000 tons per year, equipped with fully automatic machines for production and the stability of quality control in order to offer the excellent quality to our clients. Except the mentioned above, we also have set up international trading department in 2003, we sincerely welcome your inquiry and order, we also can prepare sample for your purpose and conduct componential analysis for you, should you have any further question, please feel free to call +886-937080360 or send fax to +886-37-987841 , an immediate response will be replied, a prompt service will be offered to you.